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The CAE Outsourcing Solution (or How to get all of the Benefits with none of the Drawback): Caepro’s Unique Operating Model


Caepro has developed a unique operating model that allows it to eliminate the compromise between expertise and price and instead deliver Consultant quality deliverables at ITES prices (with none of their hidden costs). This allows our clients to experience all of the benefits of outsourcing with none of the drawbacks.

Specialist Engineering Consultancy vs. IT Services Provider

 This model can be summarised in the diagram below. An explanation of each of the activities and the benefits resulting to the client follows:

Indian Operations
Caepro has one engineering centre located in Pune, India. This gives it a significant operating cost advantage over the Consultants who, although many have engineering centres in Low Cost Countries (LCCs), still have most of their engineering activities in High Cost Countries.
Benefit: Lower Prices

European Consulting Origins
Caepro was formed by engineers with backgrounds working in European Automotive Consulting firms. This sets our standards as to what is achievable in terms of quality, world-class procedures, product knowledge, confidentiality and on-time delivery.
Benefits: World class expertise; Confidentiality; On-time delivery

Industry Leading Procedures
Caepro has developed extraordinarily detailed Best Practice Procedures for each simulation, product and software from creating a stress quality finite element model of a con-rod to a thermal structural analysis of a head and block assembly. These ensure a high-quality deliverable every time.
Benefits: Consistency of deliverable; Optimum solutions

Advanced Simulation Tools
Specialist software tools have been developed to solve complex, multi-physics problems associated with particular products.  These tools are essential for getting the best understanding of the particular problem enabling optimum solutions. Caepro ensure they have the best tools for the particular requirement.
Benefit: Optimum solutions

Superior Communication
Caepro understands that often the biggest hurdle to a successful outsourcing engagement is the quality of the communication between the client and the provider.  Caepro offers superior communication through: 1) frequent, detailed updates through the assignment; 2) local indigenous engineering support; 3) deep understanding of the client’s industry and product.
Benefit: Ease of Use

Technical Partnerships
No company can have world class expertise in every area. Caepro is able to fill any gaps in its capability with exclusive technical partnerships with companies and individuals who have domain specific expertise. By only calling on this expertise when necessary the client is able to get world-class expertise at an affordable price.
Benefits: World Class Expertise; Optimum Solutions

For more details on the benefits of outsourcing CAE activities to Caepro please read the 9 Benefits of Using Caepro.

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