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Origins of Caepro


In the early 2000’s I was responsible for Computational Fluid Dynamics activities in the North American office of a well know European automotive consulting company. One of our clients was developing a new vehicle and as part of that they wanted us to verify that the changes they were making to the bonnet would not adversely effect the vehicle’s thermal performance.

One of the analyses we could perform to check this was a CFD analysis of the airflow under the bonnet. This is an extremely powerful analysis that can predict how the air will flow so that we can identify if certain critical areas (e.g. the ECU) will get too hot. Although the simulation is complex the most time consuming element was creating the computational mesh of the under-bonnet domain to be modelled.

The Problem: Lack of Capacity
At this time (early 2001) meshing tools were not as clever as they are now. A lot of manual meshing was required, along with the stitching together of various under-bonnet components and then performing Boolean operations to remove these elements from the domain.

The process wasn’t difficult it just took a lot of time and care. We were very busy with other projects and so didn’t want to spend our highly skilled engineer time on this relatively low-skilled task.

The Solution: Outsourcing
So, like others before and since, we decided to outsource it. We found a provider that was headquartered in India but had a local office in the Detroit area. We met them, packaged up the data with our quality criteria and other specifications and waited for the finished model.

The Outcome: Promised Benefits of Outsourcing Did Not Materialise
In the end the model arrived late and was of poor quality. We realised we probably hadn’t saved much of our own man-power because of the management oversight and reworking required and this also meant that the expected cost savings didn’t materialise.

A New CAE Outsourcing Business Model
I know having spoken to many Engineering Directors in the UK and around the world over the last 15 years that this is a very common experience.

Caepro was founded to eliminate the compromise between expertise and price. Its business model is designed to give clients the expertise and quality typically associated with engineering Consultants[link to Problem 1] but at the price of the “low-cost” Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES)[link to Problem 1] companies.

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John Roebuck, Managing Director, Caepro Ltd

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