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The 9 Key Benefits of Using Caepro


We understand that you have many options when choosing a provider for your outsourced CAE needs.  We believe there are 9 key benefits to you through choosing Caepro:

1] (Consistently) High Quality Deliverable

By using Caepro the client can be confident of getting a high quality service and deliverable each and every time. This is because our procedures are so detailed that the specific methodology followed for that particular analysis and product will be the same no matter which engineer is working on it.

Additionally all our engineers follow a rigorous training programme on joining Caepro.  They need to have proved their competence for a particular activity before being allowed to work on a client project.

2] World Class Expertise

Caepro’s world class expertise comes primarily from our experience working initially at and then with leading European automotive consultancies over 25 years.  We have adopted the best practices for each of the product analyses and laid them down in detailed best practice procedures.  These procedures are constantly developed based on our learnings through internal research projects and interaction with our customers many of whom are leaders in their fields. Approximately 15% of our engineering time is spent on developing and refining procedures.

Our consultancy background is augmented by significant OEM experience which ensures our design recommendations are practical from a manufacturing and sourcing standpoint.

Our relative superiority in expertise has allowed us to establish exclusive technical relationships with specialist consulting firms and individual consultants to add depth and breadth to our capabilities in specific areas where required so that the end client can be assured of the highest quality deliverable at the best price.

3] Highly Competitive Price

Despite the Consultant quality deliverables Caepro is able to offer a price comparable with the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) providers principally because its operations are exclusively located in a Low Cost Country (LCC). It doesn’t carry the overhead of engineering centres in a High Cost Country (HCC).

Additionally, Caepro understands that the total cost to the client is greater than just the price charged by the provider. The time taken by the client to package information, explain procedures, project manage and in some instances correct deliverables is a hidden additional cost. Caepro’s expertise reduces the amount of time required by the client to prepare the work package. Superior communications reduce project management effort. And the quality of our deliverable eliminates the need to rework deliverables. This results in significantly lower costs at the client side.

4] Fast Turnaround Time

At Caepro we recognise the importance of fast turnaround times.  If the simulation is for a design phase project, the quicker you get your product to market the greater your revenues and the opportunity to set the industry standard. If in the development phase, the quicker you can get a solution to the market, the lower your warranty costs and fewer unhappy customers.  Caepro is able to achieve the fastest turnaround times through:

Optimised best practice procedures – our procedures are optimised for speed and accuracy.  Additionally having well defined procedures means we are not “re-inventing the wheel” each time we perform an analysis which reduces time.

Expertise – Our expertise means we are reviewing the initial data and asking for all the required information up front to avoid delays later on.

Superior Communication – By providing frequent, clear and comprehensive updates the client, together with Caepro, can identify potential changes in direction for the project based on early results so not wasting time developing inferior solutions.

Multiple resources – we are able to apply multiple engineering resources to a task to significantly reduce the turnaround time particularly.  This is possible because of the level of detail of our best practice procedures which means that each engineer is applying the same modelling techniques. This ensures consistency throughout the model building process and confidence in the simulation results.

5] On-Time Delivery (Every Time)

At Caepro we appreciate how important delivering our results on time is to the client.  Delays to the client’s programme could have cost implications for warranty claims or lost profits that far outweigh the cost of the project.  We ensure on-time delivery through:

Best practice procedures – having extremely detailed, point-by-point, best practice procedures for each of our analysis types and products ensures a consistency of work methodology which reduces the variance in turnaround time

Superior communication – by maintaining frequent, clear and efficient communication between ourselves and the client we can address any issues which may cause a delay to the project as soon as possible and find ways to mitigate or eliminate any potential delay.

Experience – we’ve delivered each analysis type many, many times to a wide variety of clients in countries all over the world.  This means we are unlikely to come across an issue that we haven’t seen before and subsequently have a solution to resolve it.

6] Optimum Solutions

Caepro is always striving to offer the optimum solution to our clients. The following activities help us achieve this:

Best practice procedures – Our best practice procedures are based on the techniques used by the world’s leading consulting companies.  They are constantly being updated and improved as developments occur in processes and software.  Often clients have their own methodology.  We have variations to our standard procedures for those clients.

Advanced simulation tools – Advanced tools allow for a more accurate representation of real world conditions.  This gives more confidence in the results which allows the engineer to make more aggressive recommendations for design enhancements.  This can have a significant impact on the performance of the product.

Technical partnerships – We have exclusive technical partnerships with engineering consultants both large established companies and individuals to enable us to fill any gaps in our capabilities to deliver our projects to clients.  By only using these resources when necessary the client gets a world-class deliverable at a very competitive price.

Expertise – our expertise runs beyond design and simulation to manufacturing and supplier selection.  We take this understanding into account when designing a client’s products.  This ensures that recommendations take advantage of the most cost-effective manufacturing processes in that particular market. This can include casting methods; minimum casting thicknesses; machining time; number of tooling setups etc.

7] Ease-Of Use

At Caepro we try to make the outsourcing of CAE activities as simple as possible. We achieve this primarily through superior communication.  Our communication is superior because of:

Expertise – Because we have a deep understanding of the product, its application and the simulation techniques we require far less upfront preparation work from the client or “hand-holding during the project.  We can make suggestions for appropriate assumptions where data is incomplete or where queries occur during the project.  We will inform the client of any assumptions made and continue working to avoid any delays.

Frequency – During the project interim files and project reports are sent and progress meetings are held at a frequency agreed with the client.  This ensures that the client is kept fully informed on project progress and changes in direction can be agreed quickly.

Local presence – Caepro maintains a senior member of the management team with a mechanical engineering background and who is a native in each of the territories we operate in.  This enables face-to-face discussions to be arranged quickly and for those discussions to be effective due to their understanding of the product and market.

European Consulting Background – Talking the same “language” both technically and culturally is a significant factor in establishing and maintaining efficient communication between the project team and the client.  Caepro’s product and technical proficiency means we can quickly understand your requirements and discuss the optimum scope options to meet them.  Culturally, Caepro’s experience working on the client side as consultant or OEM means we understand your technical and non-technical requirements as well as your operating methods so can integrate effectively with your teams.

8] Strict confidentiality

Caepro’s origins in the UK automotive consulting industry mean we are acutely aware of the importance of our client’s data.  We strictly control access rights to client data within the company and use advanced encryption for the transfer of data between ourselves and the client.

9] Integrity

Integrity is one of our core values.  We will be open and honest with you every step of the way.  We won’t lie about capabilities or expertise that we don’t have.  If it the first time we are working on your particular product or analysis we will tell you and then work with your team to develop a robust procedure taking elements from some of our existing procedures where appropriate.

One of the key measures of our integrity is how we are the preferred supplier to all the UK’s automotive consultancies. They have their own commitments to their end customers for quality, timeliness and confidentiality. They trust us to keep our word.

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