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What our clients say:

Working with Caepro is hassle free
“Its really useful support, rich in experience, accuracy and directional indicators for improvement. The great advantage is working with Caepro is hassle free and you get a professionally managed team as extension of your project team.”

The most viable Asian sub-contracting service
“The web based interface and strong focus on logistics and communication make Caepro the most viable Asian sub-contracting service I have come across. Caepro seems to be effectively addressing the biggest obstacle to effective subcontracting to India; that of communication and project control.”

Helped us build confidence
“Finding a solution to a problem is relatively easy. But validating the solution is both time consuming and a costly affair. Without CAE  analysis we found it difficult to believe in the robustness of the solution. Caepro’s analysis not only helped us build confidence in the solution but also helped us control our validation efforts.”

An excellent job
“Before deploying modern simulation methods and prob-lem solving techniques, we were struggling to solve this problem for months. Caepro did an excellent job of understanding the components, processes, design and  pinpointing the root cause. The solution provided was robust.”

Flexibility, approachability and expertise
The Crankcase weight reduction program enabled us to remove weight to an extent of 8% from the legacy design. The methodology followed was state-of–the-art and comparable with that of any international consulting houses [but] at lower cost. The flexibility, approachability and expertise of Caepro engineers is a unique value proposition.”

Attention to detail
“Whilst working with Caepro over the past few years on various Transmissions Projects I have found their ability to meet my needs of timing, cost and quality as excellent. Their capabilities, attention to detail and willingness to ensure full customer satisfaction to a high standard has been second to none”

Some of our clients: