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Transmission Torque Upgradation CAE


Torque upgradation involves increasing the torque capacity of the existing gearbox as per the need of the application without changing the center distance. It is applicable in case of products build on the same platform however having different applications.

One of the important performance characteristic of the transmission is its weight. The cost of the gearbox is proportional to its weight at first approximation. Using the same packaging for torque up-gradation is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Reduce Cost: Using the same center distance for different applications reduces the packaging cost involved for any new product.
  • Proven design: It involves upgrading a proven gearbox which has been tested on road.

Key Challenge
The main challenge in torque upgradation involves selection of a stronger material for gears and shaft which results in increased material cost. It may also result in increased weight of the gearbox while making it stiffer. High performance application will result in change of torque curve, changing the gear geometry to match the performance on the torque curve will ultimately affect the gearbox efficiency.

The Advantages

  • Reduces cost
  • Proven design

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