Experience and knowledge based solutions

Caepro has been working in the automotive sector since its inception and many of our senior team have been involved as original equipment suppliers to the sector for their entire careers. This gives us a very good understanding of the issues and opportunities faced by this sector. Caepro has developed solutions and methodologies that can help automotive companies solve the issues and maximise the opportunities.


Automotive sector challenges

With significant development and refinement of attributes in the automotive sector over the last decade and more there is increasing focus on developing specific “attribute identities” for the brand. For example a focus on safety or vehicle ride comfort over handling performance.

Electrification is the most advanced in the automotive sector. This is largely driven by legislation with several countries setting dates by when diesel and petrol powered cars can no longer be sold as well as the practicality of the time and convenience of charging such products. The large weight additions of batteries are also leading to the increased use of lightweight materials and designs.

Increasing automation will likely increase the move to mobility as a service. How will automotive OEMs maintain the desirability of their products if they are no longer owned by the user?

What Our Clients Say ...

“Whilst working with Caepro over the past few years on various transmission projects I have found their ability to meet my needs of timing, cost and quality as excellent. Their capabilities, attention to detail and willingness to ensure full customer satisfaction to a high standard has been second to none.”

Chief Engineer – SAIC Motor Co. Ltd.



Caepro’s deep knowledge and experience in attribute engineering allows us to help clients determine and achieve their brand identity whilst minimising any negative impact on other attributes. We are able to set the right targets through QFD, benchmarking, and target setting and then achieve them through advanced simulation techniques.

Caepro has experience developing alternatively fuelled and electrified vehicles. This has been delivered as part of a clean sheet product design as well as developing retrofit solutions for existing solutions. We have solutions for both permanent and battery swapping options. Additionally we can achieve significant lightweighting through topology optimisation and the use of advanced materials

Our attribute knowledge can again be used to help OEMs maintain the desirability of their products. We can also help our clients with automation and internet-of-things systems integration.


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