Experience and knowledge based solutions

Caepro has been working in the commercial vehicle sector since its inception and many of our senior team have been involved as original equipment suppliers to the sector for their entire careers. This gives us a very good understanding of the issues and opportunities faced by this sector. Caepro has developed solutions and methodologies that can help commercial vehicle companies solve the issues and maximise the opportunities.



The commercial vehicle sector is highly competitive. Companies are therefore under significant pressure to reduce the revenue generating potential of their products and reduce the operating cost. Revenues can be increased by reducing weight to allow increase payload.

At the same time the industry is under significant pressure to reduce emissions ultimately to zero tail-pipe emissions. The wide choice of options from alternative fuels such as LNG, CNG, bio-fuels and e-fuels and electrification through battery and fuel cells can make it challenging to determine where limited R&D budgets can be spent.

Attribute engineering such as ride and handling and NVH is becoming increasingly important in commercial vehicle engineering as a way to attract drivers and increase distances that can be covered safely in a shift increasing profitability for the operator.

What Our Clients Say ...

“Caepro’s engineering resources were of very good quality and their understanding of the modern design processes were very updated. Effective use of technology available, showing great flexibility as also supreme understanding of the engineering involved was the highlight.” CTO, Indian Commercial Vehicle OEM



Caepro’s knowledge of the various commercial vehicle operating conditions and our multi-attribute approach means that we can effectively reduce the weight of the vehicle without negatively impacting reliability and minimising increases in product cost.

Caepro has experience developing alternatively fuelled and electrified vehicles. This has been delivered as part of a clean sheet product design as well as developing retrofit solutions for existing solutions. We have solutions for both permanent and battery swapping options.

Caepro’s detailed appreciation of vehicle and powertrain attributes enables us to design products that meet end customer’s requirements for ride and handling, safety, NVH, and thermal comfort whilst minimising inherent trade-offs and the product price.


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