Experience based solutions

Caepro has been working in the off-highway sector since its inception and many of our senior team have been involved as original equipment suppliers to the sector for their entire careers. This gives us a very good understanding of the issues and opportunities faced by this sector. Caepro has developed solutions and methodologies that can help off-highway companies solve the issues and maximise the opportunities.


Off-highway Industry Challenges

Whilst the off-highway sector covers three sub-sectors with their own characterises (agricultural machinery, construction equipment and stationary power) they face similar challenges.

For each of these sub-sectors reliability is the critical performance criteria. Any down time will delay the completion of projects (construction equipment); reduce the yield of a crop (agricultural machinery); or compromise critical infrastructure (stationary power) resulting in increasing costs.

Emissions regulations for the sector are increasing in severity and heading towards net zero resulting in increasing ICE powertrain development and the development of alternatively fuelled powertrains.

Operator safety and comfort has been important in developed markets for some time but is increasing in importance in developing markets with a high level of demand for operators and limited supply.

What Our Clients Say ...

Its really useful support, rich in experience, accuracy and directional indicators for improvement, may it be component FEA, coolant jacket CFD or in-cylinder CFD work. The great advantage is working with Caepro is hassle free and you get a professionally manged team as extension of your project team.

GM R&D, Greaves Cotton Limited


Off-Highway Solutions

Caepro’s knowledge of the various off-highway operating conditions and our multi-attribute approach means that we can meet reliability targets without over-engineering the product in terms of weight or cost.

Caepro helps off-highway companies reduce the emission levels of their powertrains through optimising the combustion system, base engine design, FIE and after-treatment devices. We have experience developing alternatively fuelled powertrains and electrification including battery electric and fuel cell.

Caepro’s detailed appreciation of vehicle and powertrain attributes enables us to design products that meet end customer’s requirements for safety (e.g. operator protective structures), NVH (e.g. vibration and acoustics) and thermal comfort (e.g. cabin design and A/C) whilst minimising trade-offs and the product price.


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