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Our Service

Caepro is a comprehensive engineering design solutions provider. We have experience taking projects all the way from market research to post Start-of-Production support. Interim activities can include benchmarking and target setting, design and simulation, supplier selection and sourcing, prototype build, testing and homologation.


Comprehensive engineering support

Caepro has experience taking projects from concept to production. We have delivered several clean sheet vehicle and powertrain design and development programmes as well as development and problem resolution projects.

Our deep understanding of each product, market and segment we serve ensures that our designs are optimised technically and commercially for the prospective end customer. Cost and ease of manufacture and service are key criteria.

Our focus on attribute engineering ensures that the technical objectives of our client is met in the most efficient manner whilst not negatively impacting any other performance characteristics of the product. There is more on this in the section below.

We deliver services to OEMs, start-ups, tier1s and engineering service providers. Caepro is the technical partner for several tier1s enabling them to deliver higher value, engineering content to their OEM customers.


“The methodology followed was state-of–the-art and comparable with that of any international consulting houses [but] at lower cost. The flexibility, approachability and expertise of Caepro engineers is a unique value proposition.”



Attribute Definition

An attribute of a product is a performance characteristic that is inherent in every example of that product and is important to the attractiveness of that product to the buyer. For example fuel economy for an engine, efficiency for a transmission or safety for a vehicle.

The attribute of the product can be measured either objectively or subjectively and compared with other competing products to inform the purchasing decision. For example fuel economy can be objectively measured as being a certain mass of fuel consumed at a specified speed or load. Whereas vehicle ride may be assessed on a scale of 1-9 by and expert driver performing a specific test.

Attributes as the Starting Point for Engineering Problem Resolution

Caepro is organised around a number of key attributes which are critical for the development of our clients’ products. This is important because clients typically describe problems in terms of attributes rather than requesting a particular simulation or design change. For example rather than a client asking for an underhood CFD simulation they are likely to say they have a problem with components over heating or too much thermal ingress to the cabin making the operator uncomfortable. This is then a thermal problem. It is important to start at this level so that the appropriate approach can be decided. Although simulation can be a very effective tool for understanding how a particular phenomena is taking place and quickly seeing how modifications to the design or boundary conditions can change the outcome there may be more effective non-simulation approaches such as testing.

Attribute Capability at Caepro

Caepro has experience and capability in the following attributes:

  • Benchmarking and Target Setting
  • Design and Simulation
  • Durability and Lightweighting
  • Safety
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Electrification
  • Powertrain Integration
  • Thermal and Aerodynamics
  • Emissions and Performance
  • Prototype, Testing and Homologation

Benefits of an Attribute Focus

By focusing on an attribute rather than a particular design or simulation methodology we can determine the correct approach for meeting the technical requirements of the project in the most time and cost effective manner. Focus has also enabled us to develop expertise in that particular attribute with the right personnel and software to deliver solutions to our clients. We have developed detailed approaches for the development of each of these attributes from translating end-user subjective responses into attribute requirements as part of a QFD process; through both objective and subjective benchmarking of products against particular attributes and setting appropriate targets for them;  design and simulation to achieve those targets; and testing to correlate our simulation models and confirm that the targets have been met.

Trade-off between Attributes

It is important to note that attributes cannot be worked on in isolation as most compete with other attributes and trade-offs have to be made. For example when looking at Lightweighting we will likely be looking at removing or changing material. Removing material could impact the component’s Durability. Additionally it may affect the components NVH properties if the component becomes less stiff. Changing material could increase cost.

Caepro Advantage

Caepro has an appreciation of the trade-offs between attributes and developing procedure’s that will ensure that any impact on other attributes are known and mitigated or eliminated. This is essential for a successful project outcome.


Choosing the right partner to outsource your important CAE requirements can seem daunting. We have developed a guide based on 30 years working in the outsourced CAE industry as both supplier and purchaser to help you in that process.

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