Improve the quality, cost and reliability of your supply chain

Caepro has a strong network of tier1 and 2 suppliers in India. Indeed we work with several as their engineering partner. Through these relationships we can help identify and select suitable partners for global supply and manage that relationship to ensure consistent quality and on-time delivery. This enables our clients to improve the quality, cost and reliability of its supply chain.


Strengthening your supply chain

The recent global pandemic has shown how important it is to have a globally diverse supplier base. India has a fully developed supplier base to support a wide range of engineering industries. There is however a very broad range of capability and expertise.

Caepro has a comprehensive database of engineering suppliers in India scored on a wide rage of attributes. Many of these suppliers have been visited by our team and audited and we have interacted with hundreds of these companies during our powertrain and vehicle engineering programmes.

Caepro can help companies find the right supplier for their requirements. We can also mange the relationship to ensure that deliverables consistently meet the agreed criteria. This can be particularly helpful for businesses that aren’t close to the supplier to help solve any problem at source in a timely and cost-effective manner.

What Our Customers Say ...

We found the experience of working with Caepro very good and built a good relationship with [Project Manager]. In general they were flexible in their approach and were willing to meet our demands and ‘can you just’ requests.



Caepro’s approach to supplier identification, selection and liaison is based on our experience sourcing components for our own engineering programmes. We appreciate that along with cost and quality, reliability, trust and transparency are essential requirements for a successful sourcing relationship.

Caepro begin by studying the requirements of the component and the objectives of the client including what their purchasing decision criteria are and their relative importance. Caepro will use its knowledge of the capabilities of the market and knowledge of the product to inform where a particular requirement may be difficult but an appropriate alternative may be suitable.

Identification of potential suppliers can come from our existing database complemented by additional searches through our industry contacts, trade organisations and supplier or manufacturer associations.

The potential suppliers will be contacted to ascertain their ability and willingness to supply. This can be affected by the customer, location, quantities etc.

After this screening Caepro can help create the RFQ to be shared with the potential suppliers and discuss the requirement in detail with them. We will uncover and understand any potential problems and report back to the client.

Supplier visit and evaluation will take place with suppliers that we haven’t worked with previously or maybe not for some time. An audit will be conducted rating and ranking the prospective suppliers and recommendations made for shortlist.

Caepro will look for possibilities to combine components from fewer suppliers to improve volumes and thus pricing where possible. This also helps with management and administration.

We will use our experience of buying similar components for other clients in the past to get the best outcome from negotiations. A final report with recommendations for supply will be delivered to the client.

Once the supplier is appointed Caepro can help manage the relationship. We can make site visits and speak in the local language to resolve any supply issues on quality, cost or time. Caepro can also help advise on any legal or tax issues.


Choosing the right partner to outsource your important CAE requirements can seem daunting. We have developed a guide based on 30 years working in the outsourced CAE industry as both supplier and purchaser to help you in that process.

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