Indian Low-Carbon Commercial Vehicle 

Green field CV company engaged in the development and manufacture of LNG Powered 55 tonne tractors.(Company)

They are developing a range of LNG and electrified products for the Indian market.

They are staring with a 55 tonne GVW, 4×2 tractor trailer



Bootstrapping the Clean Sheet design of a Commercial Vehicle

Company faced two problems in achieving their objective of developing an LNG powered commercial vehicles.

First, this would be the first LNG powered commercial vehicle in India. Hence powertrain integration and working with the LNG suppliers would be crucial

Second, as a start-up company funds were limited and time to market is critical.



QFD, Benchmarking and Target Setting

Caepro organized interviews with logistics companies, drivers and service technicians to create a QFD matrix. This enabled Caepro and  the Company to identify the key product requirements and specifications.

Caepro performed physical and attribute benchmarking of two equivalent diesel vehicles at a NATRIP test facility. The attribute benchmarking focused mainly on vehicle dynamics.

Based on the results of the benchmarking targets were set for ride and handling


Design and Simulation

Packaging studies were performed to understand the best layout for the chassis and aggregates.

Of major importance was that the truck should be able to accommodate the full range of trailers (each having different overhangs) and the LNG fuel tanks.

The chassis, suspension and wiring harness were clean sheet designs. Other aggregates including the cab, powertrain and axles were bought in and had to be integrated. DFMEAs were produced for each aggregate designed by Caepro.

Integration of aggregates required communication with suppliers and design modifications where appropriate to meet certain requirements.

Analysis was performed on the frame for stress, stiffness and mode shapes; multi-body dynamics was performed on the vehicle to optimise the vehicle dynamics; and underhood CFD simulation was performed to optimise the flow path through the radiator and around the powertrain.

Prototype Build, Homologation and Test Support

Caepro delivered 2D drawings and installation packs for the prototype build.

Interactions with suppliers and design modifications were caried out to resolve issues.

DVPs were developed and test reports were reviewed to identify areas for improvements.

Homologation was performed at the appropriate government agency and any issues identified were resolved.



Caepro were able to deliver prototype design release drawings within 6 months. Homologation completed in 18 months.

Designed India’s first LNG powered vehicle within tight budget constraints.

Client Testimonial

“Caepro’s engineering resources were of very good quality and their understanding of the modern design processes were very updated.

Effective use of technology available, showing great flexibility as also supreme understanding of the engineering involved was the highlight.” CTO


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